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We produce music and HH-Studios can take you through the whole process from the first chord to the final mix/master if you wish. All clients have different needs and we adapt to them.

Depending on music genre and your specific goal, we choose direction in how to work with the production in an early stage.

Before a band/artist enters the studio, we usually know how we´re going to work.

Most productions are either based on real instruments or digital "computer made" music. Often it´s a combination of both worlds. Todays technology is super effective and there´s no limitations in sound and visions. It´s all a matter of taste, inspiration and knowledge. Time is also an important part of it.

Musikproduktion-Mixning-Mastering i Malmö





After the recording, it´s time for the final mix.

We can mix either on our great analog console or digital ITB.

Depending on music genre, sound-character and budget, we choose how to mix. Analog mixing often adds more separation and depth to the mix but also a little bit more noise. Digital mixes are totally silent from noise and total recall to the mixes makes the process faster.

We use signal processors from Universal audio, Steven Slate, Waves, NTP, DBX, Tore Seem, Lindell Audio etc.....

Mixing is monitored by APS speakers who gives a very true translation of the mix.

Spela in en låt i studio-Malmö-Helsingborg



HH-Studios can record up to 36 channels at the same time. The signal path on all channels goes thru hi-end preamps and AD/DA converters from Universal Audio and Lavry. We choose michrophones from our collection and place them after how we want the sound source to appear in the mix. You can change a lot in the mix but the recording and the choises we make in the beginning is very important for the final result.

HH-Studios offers a huge microphone collection and different acoustic environments to record in. We are able to record everything you´ll ever think of such as Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Choir, Piano, Synthesizers. Banjo, name it!

Audio for Film and Video


We write, produce and mix music for all kinds of markets and projects. Film music and commercials has been in our agenda since we started 1997. IKEA, Alfa Laval, Schneider Electric, IsaDora, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Readsoft among many others, has been our customers. Tell us about your project and we

will get back to you with a unique custom-made soundtrack.


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