LARSSON Music Studio

Larsson MusicStudio is located in south Sweden(Skane), just outside the city Lund.

It´s a nice area with big fields and green hills just outside the door. The studio offers a quiet and creative environment perfect for artists who needs focus to their music. Countryside surroundings but still very close to civilisation.

Malmö, Copenhagen, Helsingborg and Lund are major Scandinavian cities just a few kilometers away.



Unique recording and sound

Digital, Analog & Vintage


Larsson MusicStudio

combines modern digital technology with vintage analog studio equipment. Classic analog hi-end sound processors are connected to modern digital converters and the latest DAW on the market. We work with state of the art sound processing from API, Neve, BAE, Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Apple etc.....

Mixing Console:


Recording System:




Main Speakers:

Nearfield Speakers:













































DI boxes:




Universal Audio plugins:




Steven Slate plugins:


Waves plugins:


Other plugins&software:

Tore Seem TSLR 18 2/4 Vintage console with Lundahl trafos


Universal Audio with 2 stacked Apollo 16 (36 in & outs)


Logic X 10.4.1




Genelec 1030


BAE 1073 micpreamp

API 3124+

Lindell Audio 6X500

Golden Age pre-73

Tore Seem F2003 EQ´s (2 ch)

NTP 179-160 compressors (2 Channels)

RNC Compressor

DBX 166



AEA R84 ribbonmic

Beyerdynamic M88

AKG D112

Beyerdynamic 101 omni

Shure SM7

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 57

Audix D1

Audix D2 (x3)

Audix D4

Audix CX-101 ( 2)

Shure SM57 (x5)

Shure SM58 (x5)

ADK A51 ST (x2)

Line Audio CM3 (x3)

Aston Origin (x2)


Yamaha CP4 Stage piano

Yamaha P-45 digital piano

Yamaha CS1

Sequential Prophet 6, DSI



Upright acoustic piano


Gibson SG vintage

Vantage VS 600

Levin acoustic guitar


Bogner Shiva tube

S-Gear(Slate Digital)


Radial (x4)


Ludwig Bonham style vintage drumkit


1176LN, LA-2A, Oxford inflator, EMT 140, Helios aros

Neve88RS, BX subsynth, RAW, Studer A800,

Precission Eq, Softtube bass ang guitaramps and more


Steven Slate Everything Bundle Pro


Waves Mercery bundle


Native instruments complete 10,

Toontrack Superior drummer and easy drummer,

Voxengo Elephant limiter

Inspelningsstudio Helsingborg
Musikstudio Malmö

Larsson Musik Studio ligger strax utanför Lund. Vi erbjuder det bästa inom ljudteknik och musikproduktion. Våran inspelningsstudio ligger på en gård i Dagstorp, Kävlinge kommun.

Larsson Musik Studio arbetar med professionell inspelning, mixning och mastering. Vi arbetar även med event såsom Möhippa, Svensexa eller Företagsevent.

Vill du spela in en låt så är du välkommen att besöka Handsome Hard Musik och boka en tid i Larsson Music Studio. Välkommen!


Handsome&Hard Music/Larsson MusicStudio


Phone:+46 (0)72 321 55 45

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